TAX ALERT: Forms W-2 are due to the employees for the current tax year by January 31 of the next year, and are also to be filed with the IRS and Oregon by the same date. Form 1099 filing requirements are due February 28 of the next year..
TAX ALERT:  Please remember that Individual extensions are due October 15th.

Dave Bilby Sr started his accounting practice in 1981 with CPA Ted Canfield. When Ted retired in 1993, Dave took over and has been running the business by himself until his son, Brian, took ownership in 2008. Time goes by, and now it has come time for Dave to retire from doing individual income tax returns.

For our current clients, we continue to provide the same quality of service that we have provided since our start.

We provide Income Tax Return Preparation, Estate & Trust Tax Return Preparation, Accounting, and Consulting Services.

We are open, but we generally are not doing face-to-face interviews. Instead, please call the office at 503.723.4223 to discuss our other options. As you know, the filing deadline and tax payments are due April 15. If you are on extension, the due date remains at October 15.