We are hearing so much about cybercrime, these days, that we (you and I) need to be protecting our identities.  Especially given the Equifax cyber intrusion which may have put yours and my social security numbers and other private information at risk.

What I am finding out is that there are two levels of limited protection that will let you know that your information might have been compromised.  The first level is more after the fact, and that is notifying you of a change in your credit report i.e. a new account set up, or the like.  The second level is not quite as available, but it is monitoring the dark side of the internet.  That will let you know when your information is in that area of the internet and will let you know what others are doing with that information.

I am not yet comfortable enough with what companies to recommend that might provide either of those services.

The one thing is certain – these hacks will continue and the need to protect your information will continue to increase.