For 2020, you can receive total annual wages (earned income) of $17,640 without reducing your SS Benefit. Your social security benefit will be reduced $1.00 for each $3.00 of earned income above the $17,640 threshold. If you reach full retirement age during 2020, you can eam up to $46,920 for the year up to your birth month. Beginning with your birth month, there is no earnings limit.

Each year, Social Security Administration (SSA) makes available online a report of your annual and historic social security wages.  If those annual and historic wages are incorrect, it could affect social security benefits including retirement and disability. In order to reflect accurate information, it needs to be corrected with SSA within two years of the date that you have access to the report. If you fail to act, after three years from the applicable tax year, the amount cannot be corrected. The result is that any future benefits will be less than what they should be, and cannot be changed.